Tim Band joins the group

Tim Band is a Senior Research Software engineer who will work on the NERC-funded "Beyond Isoplot" project (Standard Grant #NE/T001518/1). This project aims to create a 'software revolution' in geochronology, by building an internally consistent ecosystem of computer programs to account for inter-sample error correlations. The proposed software will modify existing data reduction platforms and create entirely new ones. It will implement a data exchange format to combine datasets from multiple chronometers together whilst keeping track of the correlated uncertainties between them.

Before taking on this post, Tim's experience involved numerous programming languages, including C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, Ruby, Go, Haskell and a few others. He has worked on PlayStation games, the Symbian mobile phone operating system, loads of command-line tools, some desktop apps in various frameworks, and back end code with databases like Postgres and MySQL. We are lucky to have such an experienced programmer among us to help improve geochronological data processing at the LGC and beyond.