Name: Andy Carter
Title: Emeritus Professor (Birkbeck)
Expertise: FT and (U-Th)/He Thermochonometry, tectonic geomorphology
Lab member since: 1988
Email: a.carter [at]

Name: Pieter Vermeesch
Title: Professor (UCL)
Expertise: Geochron & stats
Lab member since: 2007
Email: p.vermeesch [at]

Name: Matt Fox
Title: Lecturer (UCL)
Expertise: Earth surface processes
Lab member since: 2017
Email: [at]
Name: Yang Li
Title: Honorary Associate Professor (UCL)
Expertise: Geochron & Ore formation
Lab member since: 2023
Email: yang-li [at]; liy [at]

Name: Gary Twinn
Title: Postdoctoral researcher (associate)
Expertise: (U-Th)/He thermochronometry, instrumentation automation
Lab member since: 2024
Email: g.twinn [at]
Name: Tim Band
Title: Senior Research Software Engineer (NERC funded)
Expertise: Research software development
Lab member since 2020
Email: [at]

Name: James Schwanethal
Title: Postdoctoral researcher (ERC funded)
Expertise: Noble gas mass spectrometry
Lab member from 2011-2018
Currently at the Open University

Name: Martin Rittner
Title: Postdoctoral researcher (NERC, Leverhulme)
Expertise: ICP-MS
Lab member from 2011-2017
Currently at TOFwerks

Name: Yuntao Tian
Title: Postdoctoral researcher (NERC)
Expertise: fission tracks, U-Th-He, tectonics
Lab member from 2014-2017
Currently at Sun Yat-Sen University (Guangzhou, P.R. China)