Facilitated by the UCL Corporate Partnerships team, the LGC has teamed up with Rocktype Ltd. to host a FEI’s QEMSCAN® WellSite™. Rocktype's co-founder and Chief Geologist Dr. Jenny Omma will join the LGC as an honorary member of staff.

The QEMSCAN WellSite technology is a high-resolution scanning electron microscope (SEM) that enables the detection, classification and quantitative analysis of mineralogy and lithology utilising energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometers. The combination of QEMSCAN with the LGC’s existing LA-ICP-MS facilities creates a new instrument suite capable of fingerprinting sediments with high resolution and speed. In addition, the ruggedised nature of the QEMSCAN WellSite provides a robust, field-reliable platform that Rocktype will use to rapidly analyse chemical and rock properties to calibrate well logs and more accurately predict matrix density.

This new capability we enable exciting new applications in petrophysical modelling, basin modelling, reservoir quality assessment and sedimentary provenance studies.

Further information about the collaboration can be found in this press release