The LGC is recruiting a programmer

The LGC is looking for a software developer to help us improve geochronological data processing.

The 'Beyond Isoplot' project aims to create a 'software revolution' in geochronology, by building an internally consistent ecosystem of computer programs to account for inter-sample error correlations. These have a first order effect on the precision and accuracy of geochronology but are largely ignored by current geochronological data processing protocols. The proposed software will modify existing data reduction platforms and create entirely new ones. It will implement a data exchange format to combine datasets from multiple chronometers together whilst keeping track of the correlated uncertainties between them.

The new algorithms will be applied to five important geological problems, namely (1) the age of the Solar System; (2) the timing of the Cretaceous-Palaeogene mass extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs; (3) the age of the famous Taung Child hominin fossil; (4) the formation and cooling history of the Earth's crust; and (5) noble gas diffusion in silicate minerals and rocks. These applications demonstrate the far-reaching implications of the proposed software revolution, which may open up entirely new geochronological applications as well.

The research is funded for 3 years by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC, Standard Grant #NE/T001518/1). Technical details about the project are provided here. Applications are to be submitted via the UCL recruitment website. Deadline: November 3, 2019; start date: as soon as possible after January 1, 2020.